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Additional Resources:
To help answer your questions about KU history, or just to entertain and/or educate, visit these other KU history sites: – This subscription-based site features over 60 yearbooks for the University of Kansas. Some of the proceeds from the subscription benefit the University of Kansas.

Historic Mount Oread Friends – This site offers information on buildings on the Lawrence campus.

KUHistoryToday – Facebook- Postings concerning important dates in KU history as well as other interesting historical images.

KUHistoryToday – Twitter- Subscribe to tweets concerning important dates in KU history by following KUHistoryToday on Twitter.

Jayhawk Collection at the Kansas Union – We have photographs of the Jayhawk Collection at the Kansas Union as well as a collection of KU postcards.  This site is also operated by

KU Athletes Data Base – a database of former KU athletes maintained by the KU Athletics Incorporated.

KU Athletics – Throwback Thursday – A new feature each week about former athletes at KU.

University Archives – This university department is the official repository for the records documenting the history of the University of Kansas.

Kansas Historical Society – Located in Topeka, the Historical Society has information on all aspects of Kansas history.