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Week of 07/21 - 07/28

Go West Young Man

July 21, 1818

Charles Robinson is born in Hardwick, Massachusetts. He was an original Free-Stater, City of Lawrence founder and a leading figure in the establishment of the University of Kansas. He became the first governor of the State of Kansas in 1861.

1st Dean of Pharmacy Passes

July 21, 1925

The Lawrence Daily Journal-World reports that Dean Lucius E. Sayre, the first dean of the School of Pharmacy, has died. He was 78.

What More Do You Want?

July 21, 1866

The Kansas Tribune notes the election of KU’s first faculty and contends this development means “the people of Kansas may be reminded that it is quite unnecessary to send their children abroad to obtain superior culture.”

Birth of the Regents

July 22, 1924

In a case involving cronyism by KS Governor Jonathan M. Davis, Building Superintendent John M. Shea and Dean Mervin T. Sudler of the Med Center are relieved of their duties, against the wishes of Chancellor Lindley. This led to the creation of the Board of Regents in an attempt to keep cronyism out of academics.

Lifeguard Lefty

July 22, 1914

Swimming will again be allowed in Potter Lake after a Potter Lake Fund was established to pay for a lifeguard to watch swimmers. Lefty Sproull, KU basketball star, would serve as lifeguard.

Among Friends

July 27, 1922

KU alum William Allen White, nationally renowned editor and publisher of the Emporia Gazette, pens his Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial in defense of free speech titled “To An Anxious Friend.”

26 Rooms Riv Vu

July 28, 1939

The Summer Session Kansan announces that renovations are nearly complete on “The Outlook,” the new official KU chancellor’s residence – a willed gift from the recently deceased University benefactress Elizabeth Watkins.