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Week of 08/18 - 08/25

And Now For Something Completely Different

August 19, 1992

The Daily Kansan notes “Nearly every class that has attended the University of Kansas since the 1920s will have a different memory of the Kansas Union. Since its placement at its present site in 1924, the building has been under constant change and remodeling.”

Big Baby

August 21, 1936

KU and NBA basketball great Wilt Chamberlain is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Down, But Not Out

August 21, 1863

Confederate guerrilla leader William Clarke Quantrill perpetrates his infamous Civil War raid on Lawrence, virtually destroying the town and leaving its surviving residents without financial resources to help support the establishment of KU.

New Home for Rules

August 22, 2012

KU officials announce plans to build a two-story student center next to the northeast corner of Allen Fieldhouse. The center will also serve as the new home for James Naismith’s original rules of basketball.


August 22, 1997

The fossils of two spectacularly preserved 150-million-year-old Camarasaur dinosaurs, excavated during a summer-long dig in the Black Hills of Wyoming, arrive on a flatbed truck at the Jayhawk Boulevard entrance to the Natural History Museum in Dyche Hall.

Chalmers Gets His Building

August 23, 2015

KU renames the Art & Design Building to E. Laurence Chalmers Hall in honor of former Chancellor Chalmers. He served KU during the turbulent times on campus from 1969-1972. He was the only KU chancellor who did not have a building bearing his name.

From The Mountains, To The Prairies

August 24, 1981

Gene Budig, president of West Virginia University, is inaugurated as the 14th chancellor of the University of Kansas.

A “Stupendous Windfall”

August 24, 1894

Dr. Simeon Bishop Bell, a Wyandotte County physician and real estate speculator, offers KU $75,000 in land and money to build a new hospital and medical college in present-day Kansas City, Kansas.