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Scene on Campus

linda_lovelace_for_president_poster_01Excerpt from the 1975 Jayhawker Yearbook:

Linda Takes Hold of Students

Other than exceptionally beautiful fall weather, the week of September 23 started out as ordinarily as the fifth week of classes could be expected to. Then, in an inconspicuous little article, the University Daily Kansan announced that pornographic film star Linda Lovelace would be in town to film scenes for her upcoming movie, Linda Lovelace for President.Linda-Lovelace

Plans to film a parade scene down Massachusetts Street were cancelled Wednesday because of the lack of a parade permit. Adjustments were made in the shooting schedule, and arrangements were made to stage the parade down Jayhawk Boulevard. The area in front of Hoch Auditorium bustled with movie cameras, photographers, campus police, and anxious students. Finally, late Wednesday afternoon filming began. Cameras rolled, students applauded and cheered as a woman sitting in an open-top convertible moved slowly through the adoring crowd. It wasn’t until late in the day that people realized the woman for whom they had shown such adulation was a wardrobe mistress and not the actress who performed amazing physical feats. Lovelace was in Kansas City recuperating from strep throat.

LLforPres-crowdThursday and Friday Lovelace came to Lawrence and made up for any disappointment her fans may have felt from the day before. Wearing costumes that displayed her comely proportions to full advantage, she spent these two days shooting scenesLLforPres-cops around campus, talking with students, and delighting amateur photographers. Her appearances on campus drew a variety of invitations, ranging from an offer of entertainment from IRP to an offer of salvation from visiting evangelist Bill Glass. During Linda Lovelace’s short visit to KU, she added an air of excitement to campus gained new fans and practically assured herself of a sell-out crowd when “Linda Lovelace for President” comes to Lawrence.

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