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Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk

Lara Korte/KANSAN

Image: Lara Korte/KANSAN

After racial tensions reached the boiling point at the University of Missouri, Chancellor Gray-Little holds a town forum to address race, respect and responsibility on campus. Demands were presented by #RockChalkInvisibleHawk and after the forum, the Student Senate Rights Committee passed two resolutions in support of the group.

Former Student Senate Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Jameelah Jones, Katherine Rainey and other members of the group explained their 15 demands, two of which directly affected student senate- amendments to the Senate Election Code and the establishment of a Multicultural Student Government independent of Senate. Other demands included banning concealed carry on campus, hiring an Office of Multicultural Affairs director by December and a plan of action from the University by Jan. 19, 2016.

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