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Lawrence Alumni

Seven hundred KU alumni in New York, Lawrence, and San Francisco participate in a transcontinental telephone reunion as part of a demonstration by the Bell Telephone Company that also marks the 50th anniversary of KU’s founding.


From The Graduate magazine:

A Reunion 3,600 Miles Wide
The New York alumni, through the courtesy of the Bell Telephone Company, entertained the Lawrence and San Francisco alumni at its reunion April 8th. The entertainment of the evening was the conversation over the telephone between New York, Lawrence and San Francisco. A telephone receiver was connected at each place at the tables so that the conversations could be heard by everyone. The transmitter was placed at the toastmaster’s chair. When connection was established at Lawrence, Chancellor Frank Strong gave a five-minute address on the growth of the University. It was thrilling to hear his voice come over the wire. Then followed a tenor solo from New York, “Life at Old K. U.” (^Carruth), sung by Mr. Benjamin J. Brune. Prof. W. H. Carruth then spoke from San Francisco. It seemed like old times to hear his speech and characteristic humor — ending his speech with: “Well, why don’t you applaud? ” The K.U. Glee Club at Lawrence sang a medley. This was followed from San Francisco by Harry Lauder on the phonograph, “I Love a Lassie.” As realistic as if one were on the spot was the roar of the waves of the Pacific Ocean from a transmitter placed on the porch of the Cliff House, accompanied by motion pictures of the surf. “The Crimson and the Blue” was sung, one stanza by the alumni of each city. The entertainment closed with a phonograph record, “The Star Spangled Banner” in San Francisco, and the “good night roll call” of cities by the representatives of the telephone company. Thus for the first time in the history of the University, “Rock Chalk, Jay Hawk, K. U.” echoed from coast to coast. — Graduate Magazine.”


Source Notes

1917 Jayhawker Yearbook

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