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No Cash In Thrash?

05141988.kjhk A person upset by the elimination of the Monday night Thrash (rock) Show spray paints the words “No Cash In Thrash?” on the side of the KJHK studios.  The programming change was made by station manager Jerry Howard. Howard stated that he made the change to make the station more professional and that the station needed different standards. He ensured people that the changes would still include exotic, “experimental music” during the late hours.

Others were also upset at faculty advisor Sam Elliot when he decided to not allow non-students to be special program DJs. Vandals spray-painted the symbol for anarchy and other graffiti on the side of the KJHK studio in July. Controversy erupted at the student-run station when advisors I posed changes in the music format. A is for Anarchy, B is for Bye-Bye and C is for a Change in Format. And a format change it was for KJHK in 1988, when Jerry Howard, KJHK station manager canceled the Monday night thrash show.


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