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Is There A Doctor in the House?

From the Lawrence Journal-World, May 26, 1913-

“At 12:05 this noon, while at work on the excavation of the basement for the new Administration building at the University, Dan Dahlene, a Lawrence contractor, was seriously injured by the explosion of a stick of dynamite. His left hand was blown off at the wrist, his stomach badly torn and numerous internal injuries suffered by the explosion. At present he is in a critical condition…. The laborers at work on the building and students leaving their classes rushed to Dahlene’s assistance…. He was carried to the steps of Robinson Gymnasium where Prof. C. H. Root and Dr. Jas. Naismith gave him first aid. Dr. J. C. Rudolph was summoned and arrived a few minutes later and gave him temporary treatment until an ambulance arrived and carried the injured man to Dr. Rudolph’s hospital.”

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