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Goodbye Library, Hello Google

Donald-A-Redmond-1964-Library Writing in an opinion column in Lawrence Journal-World, KU Librarian Donald A. Redmond worries that society may be drowning in words. He states, “Nevertheless, the KU Libraries are enlisting the computer into their service.” He goes on to state, “Some librarians fear the traditional library will be swept away in this automated marvel. They fear wrongly, at least for this generation. Until our needs and problems multiply still many times more- when it becomes economical or commonplace, to sit at a teletype or facsimile machine in Lawrence, query a computer in Berkeley, Washington or Cleveland for the answer to an information problem and have the answer appear almost instantly.”

Source Notes

[Source Notes: Lawrence Journal-World, August 10, 1964, Opinions on the Hill, pg. 1, 11, ]

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