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An Olympic First

1936OlympicBB.goldenrankings.comjpgAfter all 21 teams (Spain forfeited and didn’t attend) paraded past Dr. James Naismith, he watches the first official game of basketball of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. The games were played  outdoors on clay and sand courts beginning August 7th, with the championship game on August 14th.

The championship game was played in the rain, with the court very sloppy and muddy. Even though the U.S.A. team had scored as many at 56 points in an earlier game against Globe Refiner 2 of 2-1the Philippines, the score for the championship game over Canada was only 19-8!   Mexico received the bronze medal; all the medals went to North American teams.

Naismith reportedly presented the medals to the winning teams.

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[Award photo from; Photo of the Berlin court from]

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