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The Future of Corn Oil

January 12, 1914

L.-E.-Sayre¬†From the Lawrence Journal-World – “A well delivered blow at the High Cost of Living may be expected from the direction of the chemical laboratories of the University of Kansas, according to a recent discovery by Prof. L. E. Sayre, Dean of the School of Pharmacy. Dean Sayre declares that, from experiments already made, oil made from Kansas corn can be substituted for expensive olive oil and cotton seed oil. ‘The cheapness of corn oil suggests the possibility of wise economy in substituting it in place of the more expensive oils wherever this can be done without injury to the product in which it may be employed,’ said Dean Sayre today. ‘Our experiments thus far show the value of this substitution in medicinal preparations. We are continuing our work to determine its importance in cooking, and to prove that corn oil may be used interchangeably in culinary operations with cotton seed and olive oils.'”
Source Notes

[Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 12, 1914.]

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