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Once More To The Lake

Ernest Van Dyke, an engineering student from Cherryvale, Kansas, drowns in Potter Lake.  Another engineering student, Leonard Ritchey, had also died in the lake one year earlier.  A total of seven people have died in the lake since its construction in 1911.


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 9, 1912:

  • “With their bared heads bowed under the realization of the fate that had taken a dearly loved classmate from their midst, 100 engineers yesterday paid their tribute to Ernest Van Dyke, drowned in Potter’s lake Tuesday afternoon. The engineers first gathered at the Lescher and Power undertaking rooms where the Rev. N. S. Elderkin conducted services. Following these rites the students formed on either side of the walk outside and with their hats in their hands they waited to escort the casket to the depot. All up and down Massachusetts street, people waited, watching this silent tribute from a mass of students to the one who had been taken away. When the casket was placed in the hearse the students escorted it to the station, from where it was sent to the boy’s home, Cherryvale, Kansas.”


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