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Protest and Dissent

Sisters Act

February 4, 1972

A women’s advocacy group calling themselves the February Sisters occupy the East Asian Studies building in an effort to win concessions from the University.

“We Shall Overcome”

March 8, 1965

The KU Civil Rights Council holds a student sit-in in the office of Chancellor W. Clarke Wescoe, the country’s second largest such demonstration to date.

Fringe Benefits

November 4, 2005

The Kenneth Spencer Research Library marks the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Wilcox Collection of Contemporary Political Movements, which takes as its mission the preservation of materials from America's radical political fringe.

“The City ABC Blew Up”

October 12, 1983

Over 2,000 students and local residents pack KU’s Woodruff Auditorium for a special screening of The Day After, ABC’s controversial TV-movie filmed in Lawrence that depicts the effects of a nuclear holocaust on a typical American town.

Cause For Concern

November 18, 1971

Responding to campus radicalism and slashed state education budgets, a KU group called Students Concerned About Higher Education in Kansas publishes a bold advertisement that asks “WOULD YOU VOTE TO ABOLISH THE UNIVERSITY?”

Prelude To Disorder

May 9, 1969

Student anti-war protestors disrupt and ultimately force the cancellation of the Chancellor’s Review of KU’s ROTC department.