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Creator of “Happy” Jayhawk Passes

The creator of the smiling “Happy” Jayhawk, Harold “Hal” Sandy, died on December 9, 2017. He was believed to be 94.

Sandy created the happy version of the Jayhawker after meeting with Yogi Williams, creator of the 1941 Jayhawk, and Ed Browne, head of Public Relations for KU. It was requested the Hal create a new version of the Jayhawk since the war was over. Sandy created the bird and sold decals to help him pay for tuition. Upon graduating, he sold the copyright to the KU Bookstore for $250. The KU trademark licensing program now brings in over $2 million annually.

Sandy stayed involved with KU over the years through the Kansas Alumni Association and other campus groups. His goodwill and support given to KU and his Jayhawk legacy are lasting gifts to the University.

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