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84 Years Later, Tombaugh Story Still Engages


Image: KU Chancellor Lindley
with Clyde Tombaugh

He was a farm boy in Burdett, KS, with a peculiar hobby. He liked to make telescopes and search the skies. Excited to soon be entering the University of Kansas as a new student, Clyde Tombaugh’s dream was postponed due to a hailstorm that took out the family crop and made it impossible for him to afford to move to Lawrence, KS. So fate stepped in, forced Clyde to look for work during the depression, and paired him with a job opening at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. His job… searching for the assumed Planet X, had been going on at the Lowell Observatory for a decade. But it was future KU grad Clyde Tombaugh who made the discovery announced on February 18, 1930. And the story doesn’t end there. There is one last piece of the story that will end in July 2015.

 Learn more about Clyde Tombaugh and his unfinished story.

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