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KU History - Contact Us

We’re always happy to receive correspondence concerning KU History! Do you have a unique story, questions about people or events, or historical memorabilia you would like to share and display at the Kansas Union? Please contact Mike Reid at  Or call 785-218-0400.

We appreciate any financial support you can give the KU History Project at the KU Memorial Unions!  We receive no state funding for our efforts, so your support is vital for the continuation of our KU History program.  Tax deductible donations may be made through KU Endowment to benefit our KU history and traditions initiatives.  The account number to donate is Union History and Traditions- 40817.

Twitter: Follow @kuhistorytoday to receive tweets related to dates in KU history and about happenings surrounding KU history.

Facebook: Follow KUHistoryToday on Facebook.

Visit: Visit the Kansas Union at 1301 Jayhawk Blvd in Lawrence, KS. Historical displays are featured on all six levels of the building and include the original Baby Jay mascot costume, 1,000 items of Jayhawk memorabilia, 25 KU History panels, Class Banner display, KU Women’s Hall of Fame, the original Joe’s Bakery neon sign, a portion of the original track from the street car that served KU in the early 1900s, and much more. Don’t forget to take your picture with the Jayhawk welcoming visitors at the Union’s entrance.